“Inspiring and hilarious. Kat’s Myselfie had me in tears. Both from the hilarity of her quick wit and killer dance moves, and also from the emotions I felt from watching such a deeply insightful and inquisitive performance about one’s relationship to their own body.”
-Marbella Carlos, National Eating Disorder Information Centre

“Equipped with dazzling stage presence, original writing and instinctive comedic timing, Kat Leonard will take you on a wild ride exploring body image and self-worth.’MySelfie’ explores the dangerous inner monologues that we each can fall prey to and uses humour to explore the struggle for self-acceptance. Leonard is a comedic genius who has the courage to delve into the dangerous waters concerning topics like body image in modern society. Definitely not a show to be missed!” -Heather Brissenden, singer-songwriter, arts administrator

“MySelfie, a comedic, frank and thought-provoking piece on positive self/body image. More than just an ode to body parts, this is a singing, dancing, storytelling trip in and around the external self – and we are all so much more than the sum of those parts… from head to toe, she expresses gratitude for each part, sharing anecdotes and songs along the way. And, best of all, she encourages the audience to consider the skin they’re in – and how our bodies make up a relatively tiny portion of who we are.”
-Cate McKim of Life With More Cowbell, Toronto-based arts and culture blog

“Part comic, part musician, she is a master storyteller who effortlessly weaves a message of body confidence into her own lively performance piece known as “My Selfie.” This is one woman’s candid look at her own body, appreciating every limb, every scar, every hair on her head….and giving us a great story to go along with it. Like a page ripped out of a diary, she vacillates between raw vulnerability to lewd hysterics. The message delivered is not preachy or shoved aggressively to the forefront, but rather dances in the subtext of one witty story after another. She draws her audience in with humour, but it’s her ability to connect on a human level that keeps them there. She is the absolute embodiment of what it means to have confidence.”
-Emily Glenn, independent television writer and producer

The message I got from this production is to appreciate yourself. Even the good and the bad, they are all beautiful. I felt happy watching the production. Afterwards I started to feel a lot more appreciative and loving towards myself and others.”
-student at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, TDSB

“This production made me feel more confident about how I look and that just love yourself. Something I loved about this production is that it made me think in a positive way about my body and it made me realize that my body is very special.”
-student at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, TDSB